About Us

Ocean Air Services is a Western Australian Air Conditioning and Mechanical Services Contracting Company.

Our success to date has come from our ability to exceed our clients’ expectations by delivering quality projects on time and on budget.  Embedded in our company culture is the ethos “You are only as good as your last project”. This ensures that we are constantly trying to improve our processes and delivery methodology to provide the best outcome for our clients. Our business model is based on five key core drivers:

Innovation: A key focus on all our projects is – “how can we do it better to eliminate risk, enhance project delivery, client handover and operation?”

Value Management: Ensuring our clients are achieving value for money by undertaking a thorough engineering review against operational requirements.

Safety: Always at the forefront of everything we do, ensuring risk identification, mitigation and elimination. Our employees, subcontractors and others working alongside are never to be placed at risk where safety is concerned.

Quality: Developing and implementing quality planning and quality assurance documentation to meet each individual project’s requirements.

Sustainability: We are dedicated to a sustainable business model, where a safe and healthy work environment is central to all that we do.