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Regis Aged Care

Regis Aged Care
Location : Woodlands
Status : Past Project
Type : Aged Care

Client: Badge Constructions

Value: $1.8 Million


Regis is a aged care facility with accommodation, central facilities, kitchens and laundries.

We installed 8 of preconditioned air units with connection to a VRF system comprising of 144 slim line ducted units and 35 cassettes and wall splits.

We provided 81 ventilation fans for exhaust to kitchens, laundries, cleaners rooms and toilets and fresh air make to these areas and fresh air to the ducted units.

A centralised BMS system was installed on the site for monitoring and control of the equipment installed. 

Innovative design assisted with the delivery and reduction of the construction program by providing unique modular design and construction of equipment which simplified and sped up the construction time and allowed for offsite manufacture.

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