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Quality Control

We have put together a simple easily traceable process to enable systematic review of the manufacturing process.

This plan is summarised into a four step monitoring process of review:

  1. Drafting review and inspection sign off of the drafting and drawings prior to manufacture to enough accuracy
  2. Sheet metal section reviews all sections from the plasma cutter and check against drawings and signed off before proceeding to assembly
  3. Each completed section is checked against engineering, produced schedule and is compared against the drawing to ensure it matches completely before being lagged.
  4. Once each piece for a project is completed and is checked by despatch against the drawings. Dispatch load the pallets and pieces together to simplify delivery and installation for site. They are check and sign off that all pieces are complete and have been manufactured in accordance with the drawings

This process is to ensure quality product and to minimise waste and reproduction providing a high level of efficiency. This quality control minimises delays on site and guarantees delivery.



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