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Ocean Air Service and Maintenance employs Mechanical Refrigeration Technicians for piping installations, mechanical services, maintenance, repair and commissioning.

By being involved with the installation our service staff are familiar with the sites, the equipment assets and the client. This provides a more informed service which benefits the end user and building owner.

The Service and Maintenance department compliments Construction by Defects Liability (DLP) support and maintenance of the equipment during the DLP period.

At completion of the DLP period, our technicians are familiar with the sites and staff and we work with our clients to create an ongoing partnership to support the sites via maintenance contracts over the life of the building.

We are looking for long time relationships over a life and not just the construction of a project.

The training and development of our maintenance staff is highly important, we support developing new apprentices through our business to develop and protect the future assets of our clients. 

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