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It is important for Ocean Air Services to find economic and efficient solutions to tough design problems with in the construction environment. This is a challenge the team relish and consistently rise to. To assist the team we use some of the most sophisticated computer based design tools available such as 3D modelling and BIM (Building Information Modelling). However, this is complimented with experience and solid well tested design principles.

The work of our qualified engineers is overseen by personnel with decades of industry experience. Once we are satisfied that the proposed system conforms with state and national regulations, standards and codes, we tailor a number of design options to suit the clients budget. The clients requirements for efficiency, costing and innovation becomes our focus and target.

Our standard design review process includes:

  • Value engineering and value management
  • Airside – fan static pressure, duct configuration and size confirmation, component compatibility
  • Waterside – pump head calculations, systems balance, component capability
  • Electrical – function, component compatibility
  • Controls – logic, function, component compatibility
  • Life Safety Systems – review of smoke spill, smoke exhaust
  • Stairwell pressurization
  • Constructability review
  • Interface reviews (electrical, fire, hydraulic, structure, architecture)
  • Compliance review and statutory certification
  • Life cycle analysis
  • Plant replacement and maintainability review
  • Energy balance and modelling
  • Design modularity review
  • Commissioning review
  • Auxiliary systems as required.


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